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Past – Present – Future

WAHAHAAH. Judul e najis. Kita nggak bakal belajar Grammar Bahasa Inggris di sini ya 😉
*lagipula. Judul en isi nya gak akan nyambung (mungkin).

Nee, sudah hampir tahun baru yaa… Nggak kerasa..
Ehem, sekarang mau ngoreksi sedikit tentang kejadian yang udah terjadi selama setahun ini.
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Review ULUM

Halo, all, gimana kabarnya? Baik? Stress? Apa? Ulum?? HAHAHA. Same here XD;;
Hari ini mau ngereview ulum yang udah saya jalanin aja, ah 😛

Well, let’s begin. Please try not to screw up. 😆
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Yggdra Union: We’ll Never Fight Alone

Note: Link Emulator dan ROM sudah ditambah. PUWASS? :mrgreen:

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Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2

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Our patient is a 16-years-old-teenager nicknamed Ravelt, suffering from blogging fever and internet chat. Apparently, she had been identified as a mid-level otaku and a RPG and strategy games lover. There are 3 objectives in this operation:

1. Read her entries in this blog.
2. Sign in her guestbook.
3. Be friends with her.

Please pay attention to this and try not to screw up.




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